i have enough time, i have enough days left

i'll take the next flight, just leave it, i’m fine

all the while i was gone, it's sounding like a sad sad song

i've been sure to pop, no need to stop x 4 now

(and then it became a..)


eyes eyes look away, don't look at me

as i go deep deep deeper in, i'm so endearing when i

trip and stumble, fall

winter, spring, summoning a grail of thought

( where's that vivid soul i brought )

i'm wasting this chance, i better hope that i won't get caught x 2 this way

(took a bit longer than a day)

i need a smack

i’m way off track

stalking conunDrums and causing dismay




give me that back, i might just change my mind tonight

( it's like i never told you )

give it to me, coming across a way 2 get 2 it

( is it ok-ah)

it makes my heart go bap-ar-ap

i've been licking on the same old lie

(is it because i ?)

couldn't it be my dream ?

could be mine, but it's not



it's not about time, it's not about days left

(right left right left right left)

got stuck in beliefs, and pending regrets

all the while i was gone, you called me and you sang that song

did you notice that, my eyes got fat fat fat and swollen

( i've been thinking about it )

eyes eyes look at me, it wasn't true

well i get get get get the fact, it wasn't you

then, but why, but how

did you go save , the

men who became the almost fairies incarnates


oh(LL) i was gone

you didn't have to hit that gong

i need the smack

i want to crack

never made a single choice anyway

the numb(er)ness is fun, and it's no place to stay





giving in2 no changing of my mind 2night

because i never told

anybody about that i was so close 2 getting 2 it

it makes my heart go bap-a-rap-bap


i confirm a no-change of my heart 2night

is it because i’m getting old ?

so i’m setting out 2 claim the deeds i've never done

it makes my heart go bap-a-rap-bap


could this be another day

so sublime in a way

that i don't get now but i may

i thought it was what it was noT