i don’t need you

i just like to feed you

if someone took you

i’d be relieved


you need to need me

and you sort of feed me

with constant adoration

and i need to break free


i don’t wanna be loved

for the things i do or the words i say

and i do not enjoy this pattern

and i do want to change your ways


but you will always be you


you know i see right through

the way you make yourself small

 just to make me look good

although i really don’t need it

just be yourself · it’s understood


come on and hear it from my point of sound

this cycle will just keep spinning ‘round and ‘round

you threw it up · now it comes down:

to me not letting you tie bonds


it’s ok for a little while

you tell me i am like a child

yet with the wisdom of a sage

i want to end it at that stage


‘cause i need not to need a person

to constantly give me their version

of how unique and great i am

i’m saying stop because i can


express my right to just be

and relate in a state of presence

i’d love to love someone who feels free

enough to just love my pure essence


and after all i can do

is write this song and sing it through

what am i really feeding on ?

who loves who and who goes on ?


when i reject you feel offended

by how abruptly it all ended

you want to know the reasons why

i tell you

we both have wings and need to fly


and as surely as we all outlive our bodies

i will receive your utmost sorries  

the qualities you love me for

are now just grinding your core


‘cause i need not to need a person ···


i’d love to love someone who feels free

enough to just love their own essence